Thursday, January 31, 2013

Snowdrop Season

 Well the first signs of Spring are visible all around,with little colourful heads of crocus and snowdrops coming up! Last weekend I was lucky enough to catch an open garden visit,held in aid of our local hospice,where these beautiful snowdrops and some hellebores were well up over ground and in full bloom.
My snowdrops are barely breaking the surface at the moment but these are not your common or garden snowdrops maybe they are hybrid and respond of course to the care and attention given by the gardener of the house!There were so many varieties,all named with their individual stickers.The day was not too kind weather wise but I was fortunate to go early in the morning before the rain arrived in the afternoon!

 These cloches featured all over the garden too.

Stone troughs.


  1. So lovely. There is nothing to beat the first shy snowdrops.

  2. There is something so lovely and refreshing about snowdrops. There is a house near Cambridge that has over 100 varieties. We have visited but not managed it yet at snowdrop time.

  3. Lovely snowdrops Kathleen. When I was married my ex and I used to go to a place called Hodsock Priory to see their hugs expanse od snowdrops in the woods. Beautiful.


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