Friday, March 8, 2013

Spring has sprung!

 A few pictures of whats blooming in my back and front garden at the moment!
Snowdrops at their best now.
 Tete a tete all over the place brightening up the garden.
 Paperwhites about to bloom!
 Tete a tete
 Wild primrose
 More tete a tete
 And yet more

 Campanula peeking through

 Violet primrose
 A solitary camellia with plenty more to come
 Heather in the front
Plants surrounding the pond on their way

Happy Gardening!


  1. Isn't Spring wonderful!
    I love the Hellebores, and am hoping that the ones I brought from France will do well. The little purple Wanda primrose is one of my favourites and I found a clump yesterday buried under some Agapanthus, so moved them into the sun!

  2. You've got more blooming than I do. I better get out in the garden and wake everything up. Happy Spring.

  3. I'm amazed your campanula always come out way ahead of mine and they are from the same source..Mam's!
    I have to decide what to do with my blog I just checked and its been
    ignored (by me)since the 8th Jan!

  4. Like the rabbit as well as the flowers.


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