Monday, August 19, 2013

Summer Blogging!

 As promised some pics of our recent holiday to the Loire Valley in France......this was the lovely gite we stayed in I expected a cottage/bungalow but got a fine two storey house instead,very spacious!We rented through hosts were lovely people,and very helpful in every way but not intruding on our holiday!
 Our gite was a gardeners paradise,lots of colourful hanging baskets everywhere!
 This and the following two pics were of a home and garden in the vicinity of where we stayed,we used cycle past most evenings,what a stunning garden,no detail overlooked.

 Hubby and myself by the banks of the Loire in Saumur.
 Sunflower fields
 The chateau in Langleais(spelling?)
 Chateau in Montserou (spelling?)
 Found this much wanted swimming facility nearby,a beautiful Municipal park,La Capiteine.
 The train station in Tours
Me indulging in my favourite french passtime,sampling the coffee and pastries!We returned here a few times to this little patisserie in Borgeuil!

More next time,
Happy Gardening!

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  1. We often went down to the Loire for a few days, and loved the region around Saumur and Chinon. It looks like you had such a nice holiday.


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