Monday, October 7, 2013

Outdoor Housework!

 Last Saturday was a lovely autumn day here,for a few hours at least so I was happy to spend it out in the patch doing a bit of a clean up! Plenty of weeds to hoe and plants and shrubs that needed pruning or removing.I was more than happy with the result as I usually leave this job too late and the whole place looks a mess before I attempt any clean up.
 Some photos of the results,I can plan for next year now,get more of some plants and fill in with bulbs in other spots.

 I will be first in the queue at my local gardening centre(Ballygarvan)for these beauties,I bought three bedding gerbera last year and they still havent stopped flowering,I must have got them around April or May.The plant itself is so fresh and green and the leaves never yellowed or withered all Summer long and still there are buds coming!Great value for money!
 The holly growing in the shade of the acer on the right,this holly was about two leaves in a tiny pot when I bought it years ago at Christmas,I planted it out and it took forever to get this big but it is in the way of the Acer so maybe I will have to trim back that rather than risk moving the holly!

 The gerbera still budding and two others above.
 The Torbay Dazzler left,this was reduced to nothing after the severe frosts a couple of years ago,we left the stump and hey presto! it came back again in the form of 4 plants!
 I replaced my two blue pots that held small palms with these red cordylines much nicer!

The debris before it was removed!

Happy Gardening!


  1. I think everyone is doing much the same in the garden right now....lots of clearing up, cutting back and planning for Spring.

  2. The hard work pays off - your garden looks beautiful. The weather is starting to cool here so plants are blooming again. You have inspired me to work. Thanks for the tour.

  3. I have garden envy! Love your pond.


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