Thursday, June 10, 2010

Prayers and Processions

Each year on the first Sunday in June Cork holds its Eucharistic Procession.Our Bishop, John Buckley leads the way to the altar specially erected on high in Daunts Square between Patricks St. and the junction with the Grand Parade. In past years thousands of corkonians turned up for this event and you would be hard put to see the altar unless you came nice and early, but the numbers have been diminishing steadily. This year being a bank holiday weekend and Cork playing an important championship hurling match in Killarney further added to the crowd being down but still it was well supported. The sun shone (too hot for some) and it proved to be a lovely occasion again to attend.It only takes about 35 minutes for the benediction ceremony and homily but an hour for waiting for everyone to get in place!

It was all a little too much for this little doggie!
Seating provided for those who need outside the Queens Old Castle beside the altar.

Looking down the Grand Parade
My two grand nieces with their Father leading the way from Farranree parish (Sinead on the right in pink and if you look close you will see Aoife s left leg behind her Father!)

A first communion child all dressed up for the procession

Our polish community have formed an important part of this procession for a few years now and receive gracious applause from the crowd for making such a great effort each year.

Men,women and children turned out in large numbers!

Our Indian community providing much needed colour to the procession

Members of the army from Collins Barracks standing to attention in front of the altar.
Bishop John Buckley leaving the altar and heading up Patricks St. to the North Chapel.


  1. This procession reminds me a little bit of the outdoor mass we have in the summer.
    I have enjoyed enlarging the photo's and looking at the architecture of the buildings. I don't think I have ever seen such a fancy McDonalds. :-)

  2. Hi GardenofDaisies(cannot see your name on site)!
    Its surprising what you notice when you enlarge the photos, I always forget to remind readers to do that! That McDonalds was originally a grocers and wine merchants for over a century,they can trace their origins back to 1750!In the 80s it was converted to a fast food shop called Mandys and then McDonalds took it over in the mid 80s.You can click on to learn more about the buildings in Cork!

  3. Great photos ,the girls will be delighted to see themselves!I saw one altar up on Summerhill South, I had forgotten it was even on.

  4. What an amazing occasion that must have been. Lovely to see a march that wasnt a strike or a complaint!

  5. Hello from NY, Kathleen!
    I enjoyed seeing the "Corkonians" parade! :)
    Very interesting.
    We had a grand time at my sister's 50th Anniv Sunday. Lots of Irish dancing!
    My sis from TX was here..she says the pizza in TX is terrible. I wonder how it is in Cork??
    Have a great weekend!
    Southampton, NY

  6. Elizabethd your comment brought a smile how right!
    Kathleen, the pizzas here are usually by Dominos and Four Star PizzA, they deliver and my family have enjoyed them many times! We also have them in some Italian restuarants here and they are good too but I guess everyone has their particular favourites! Glad you enjoyed some Irish dancing!


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