Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Summer Flowers and Mail!

I got mail! This morning I received my letter from my blog partner in Idaho USA! We were partnered in a letter swap run by Elizabethd at French Village Life. You can tell this lady loves pink and roses! The notepaper was embossed with her name on it too,lovely!
Connie lives in the US as I said but she has practically been on my doorstep having visited Blarney among other places in recent years! I could be in Blarney in about 25mins by car on a good day! Thanks Connie for your lovely letter!

A selection of whats looking good in the garden right now, Monkshood,spot the busy bee if you click on photo!

Love those poppies
Crocosmia yet to flower and lillies in the foreground
Peach poppies and a new heuchera marmalade behind them.
Sambuca black lace a beautiful flowering shrub,its never looked so good as this!


  1. I'm so glad you received such a lovely letter from Connie. She is such an interesting lady.

    Your garden is looking so Summery.

  2. The letter swap sounds like a fun idea. It's a rare find to get a letter in the mail these days!
    Your garden is beautiful. I have never seen Monkshood before and they are really lovely.
    I hope you had a great day.

  3. What lovely flowers! I especially love the poppies!


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