Monday, June 21, 2010

Stargazer lilies ready to burst open,making great progress in the present hot spell!

Patio Rose basking in the hot sun!

Busy Bee !
Bought a little gadget at Bloom which enables you to make a little corsage type arrangement around a nice bottle of wine maybe as a present for someone or just for home decor like I have done here! Also did one in a cup and saucer which was designed for the purpose, I used an artificial arrangement in this one, the cup is actually glued to the saucer,but I guess you could use any pretty cup and saucer and do the same!
A plastic holder is placed over the top of a wine bottle or any other type of bottle, place oasis dry or fresh in the holder and arrange flowers , fresh or artificial,to complete the look!Nice to give as a present especially if the bottle holds champagne!
Close up of the orchid in a tea cup!


  1. What a brilliant idea to fix flowers to a bottle. It makes the gift even nicer!

  2. The bottle and the tea cup turne dout great!They may be selling the little holders at the Mallow flower show!


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