Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Ferries and Festivities.

This passenger ferry the MV Julia is docked here in the Port of Cork for the foreseeable future having been placed in examinership unexpectedly in recent weeks.After a major campaign by interested parties last year to have the ferry reinstated to service the Cork /Swansea route between Ireland and England it enjoyed some success but the winter schedule had to be curtailed until next April at least.For now it is a towering presence in the city centre being visible from many angles and at times looks like it is stuck in traffic!Took a few snaps on a walkabout this evening.
Looks like a giant boot!


Just one scene from the window of Brown Thomas department store depicting the legend of the Children of Lir.
On a quick trip to the city centre or "town" this evening shopfronts were looking very festive as the lights and decorations were on full display,following is a small selection!
Winthrop Arcade all lit up.

This store in the city centre is always decorated beautifully for Christmas!
A bit fuzzy!
Happy Gardening!


  1. I thought it was only in the U.S. that the Christmas season started in November. When we lived in Germany (10 years ago) they delighted in making fun of the Americans and the way they put up their home Christmas decorations so early (first week of December). I'm even a little uncomfortable just having the outside lights put up 'so' early -the week before Thanksgiving. Just wanted you to know I like your blog, even the blurry pictures are interesting - your garden is beautiful.

  2. I saw the Julia last Sat, it does look enormous on the city quays.Christmas lights look fab but I am allergic to town for the next few weeks!
    I paid my first visit to that home store in Mahon and was gobsmacked with the variety of stuff they have.
    having blogger problems yet again


  3. I like the reflection and the boot as well as a nostalgic look at the town.


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