Monday, November 28, 2011


Over the weekend I visited the markets in the city centre,a vintage show nearby and went holly hunting! Just a selection of photos from each,the park below is lit up after 4.00pm and is transformed for the little children who visit.Storytelling and gingerbread men and candycanes are all visible through the railings and fairydust is sprinkled over the park when it gets dark.Daylight does not do it justice!

Loved the signage!

Gingerbread men and candycanes!

Nearby tree all lit up!
Part of a vintage fair I visited over the weekend,there was also a vintage fashion show which I did not get to take pictures at,but was great to see the range of dresses,jackets,headgear,jewellery etc.on display.Vintage fashion is all the rage at the moment though at my age I think I would be just "dressing my age!"Best left to the mid twenties I think!
Went foraging for Holly this weekend(I had already spotted a lovely tree of holly growing in an old graveyard!)and after hearing on the radio that it would keep in water with plant food away from heat I decided to start gathering. As well as armfuls of lovely berried holly I got this tree shaped piece as well ,cut from the top branches.I intend to sit it in a large pot and make a mini holly tree out of it and decorate with some lights and leave it in the porch.
And finally.......a full vase of fruit on Monday..............

Same vase of fruit on Friday!
Happy Gardening!


  1. Your pictures remind me of Christmas markets in Germany. Here in Texas, we have malls and other shops, but there's nothing like an outdoor market. On gardening - Last night we had our first heavy frost, now the only gardening I have is serious weeding/clean out. Probably need to add some more mulch. It's always something - that's probably why I garden (keeps me off the street). Happy Monday.

  2. Did anyone try to eat the ginger bread men I wonder! Great spring of holly.

  3. So you got to the 'secret'holly bush early before anyone else would scavenge!
    At least someone in the house is having their 5 a day.


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