Monday, November 14, 2011


So if you lift your computer up and turn it around to see this message!!Sorry forgot to adjust the photo for uploading,our local paper tonight says Planning is the key to a happy in that spirit ...........
My planning has started around candles(not food)!Saw this in Homestore Mahon Point Retail Park for 10euros and had to have it!Similar candle holders with a brand name sell for three times the price so this will do the job for me.I lit a tealight on top of the main candle as I do not want to burn it down and be left with an unsightly mess,so come Christmas I will light the main candle until I have a little hollow on top and then I will start lighting red/cinnamon perfumed tealights in that hollow so the main candle will stay intact.
Bought this beauty for 5euros recently at Homestore in Mahon Retail Park,candles not included,but a steal all the same.Might surround it with some greenery for the season!
This dried decoration has been here since last Christmas! It sits on top of the kitchen window mantle gathering dust I will take it down and refresh it though for this year!
Happy Gardening!


  1. Lovely decorations! I like decorating but hate having to take them down!

  2. They are so bright and Christmassy!

  3. I like both the candles, very Christmassy!


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