Monday, August 3, 2009

Killarney Co.Kerry

Over the bank holiday weekend we visited Killarney for a few hours on a wet and windy Sunday!
It was very busy with tourists being bussed around in the "Paddywagon" and other nationalities too were evident.Pity about the wet summer as they were not seeing killarney at its best!
In spite of the inclement weather the national park was looking colourful with its flowers and shrubs, and the Lake Hotel would be recommended for a pit stop if only to admire the views out the back!
Torc waterfall was drawing the tourists as much as ever even though we had waterfalls coming from the overhead trees as well!


  1. Hi Kathleen! I like this - sounds like you visited Killarney during the lousy weather we're having. I went there in May and posted photos of it in my blog, I will send you the link and you can see Torc waterfall in the sun! How rare is that? I hope we get some decent weather before we all get terminal depression! Did you see any horses wearing nappies? I think they aren't allowed into the National Park without them!

  2. Re: the horses wearing nappies! We were in Prague for the Christmas markets about 2 years ago and there are horse drawn carriages around the Old Town.The horses don't wear nappies but there is a shelf thingy built into the front of the carriage and when the horse 'goes' it drops into this.It can be empties out quite easily I am sure.Result: clean cobbled streets and somewhere it is composted into something useful!I am surprised none of the town councellors in Killarney went on a fact finding mission (junket) to see for themselves!


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