Saturday, August 29, 2009

Well all good things come to those who wait and god have i waited..........for some semblance of summer here in the emerald isle so called because it rains so much everything gets greener and greener!
Anyway having given up all hope of a blue sky and sweltering heat my other half and i are off on Tuesday next to Majorca, in SUNNY SPAIN
First time ever there so GREAT EXPECTIONS!
Of course the reading material has to be considered, so these are my choice of books, apparently my daughter who gets through a zillion books per week says i am the only woman who has not yet read Eat, Pray Love so there in lies a challenge!
I am the kind of person who lounges on the sun lounger and holds the book aloft and after the first two pages starts to relax.....relax....relax...sleep....sleep...zzzzzzz,
you get the picture so hopefully some little reading will be done!
Hope the shock of seeing a blue sky and feeling heat will not kill me!
Pictures and reports to follow!


  1. Have a great holiday Kathleen, I haven't ever been to the Balearics only the Canaries on a post-grad package with 10 pals too many years back to remember. Great sun and sea and you'll love it. I'm not sure you've enough books, as I always read more on hols than other time. Heard of the Maeve Binchy writer's club one and our book club did the Time Traveller's wife,strange but compelling. I enjoyed it. Didn't read the other one, must look out for it.
    The Irish summer has been dreadful so it is essential to get to the sun for a fix and some vitamin D!!!

  2. thanks catherine for the comment i am looking forward to it!hopefully will get to finish the time travellers wife as i started it and thought it strange too but i like to finish what i started!Off to pack now!kathleen

  3. Oh you deserters, leaving the rest of us to our rusty fate!Enjoy the sun and don't send any postcards of sundrenched sands that would be sooo unkind!


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