Sunday, August 16, 2009

Went to Crosshaven today with my french student and her two friends to show her some traditional irish dancing and listen to some ceile music!
A festival was being held down there and the crowds were out as for once the weather was sunny and pleasant!
A storyteller was there also and told us some fine tall tales and shared jokes as well.
The young kids were kept busy with a facepainter and a big bright red fire engine for them to explore.
Crosshaven or "crosser" as it was always called by corkonians was the place to go for the summer holiday way back in the sixties and before where a holiday home was much sought after!Alas the "merries" or amusement park has lost a lot of its attractions and is now a poor excuse for one,but there is a lovely new cafe there and the amount of new housing gone up there ensures there are plenty of people about.

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  1. I left a comment here yesterday...It just disappeared into thin air! Crosser looks lovely I have'nt been down for years. It looks very upmarket now all spruced up with flowers!


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