Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The little things!

I am the proud owner of two pure white flowers on this camellia,first time flowering in a long time!Plenty of shiny green leaves very little flowers!My pink variety has around 8/9 flowers at the moment and little greenery,it really needs a good feed of something!
White hellebore,daffodils and a primrose I dug up from my late Mothers homeplace in Tipperary!
We can see right through our next door neighbours garden at the moment and across the street too,while we wait for the third part of the garden fence to arrive next week.In the meantime the remaining hedge has been removed which involved a lot of work for the hubby!
Cannot stop admiring my little tree!In the sunshine it is fantastic,heavily laden now with blossoms!
Discovery of the day today! A freind gave me a plant of Lily of the Valley last year and I had been watching to see would it come back to me this year and on close inspection today I spied this!Happy Days!


  1. What a splendid hellebore on your header!
    I love the time when Lily of the Valey start to come up, I must go and look at mine now, and see if they are showing their little green heads.

  2. Hi Elizabeth,that hellebore was in my previous post on the open garden visit,it looks great close up!Good luck with your Lily of the Valley!

  3. I thought Lily of the Valley liked a shady spot maybe under trees or bushes?The back looks fab as a big garden!

  4. Peggy,you cant see in the photo but the lily is under a shrub you just cannot see the overhanging branches!Its also up against the wall,I will see how it goes this year!The garden is great to look out the back door a bit of land at last!

  5. Hello Kathleen, nice to meet you!
    Your white camellia flower is so lovely!
    I bought and planted some lily-of-the-valley roots, but they are not growing by some reason. Hopefully, they will soon.
    Have a nice weekend!

  6. So nice when those beautiful spring blossoms come through. I'm sure all the hard work will be worth it when the fence is up and finished.

  7. I wish I could grow cold climate things like this- thanks for you message on my blog.

  8. Another Tipp girl here, living in Roscommon. Love your Camellia, they don't do well up here, too exposed.


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