Wednesday, March 16, 2011

St.Patricks Day

Today I am linking up with for her annual Paddys Day Party!Celebrations do not start here until tomorrow with the Parade through the city centre and believe it or not but turkey is on the menu in this house for the day!No bacon and cabbage to be found here,sorry to dissapoint!Most people are looking forward to a long weekend having had the foresight to book Friday off work and enjoy 4 days of leisure before Monday rolls around again. Weather is sunny and bright but nightfrosts still,so heres hoping for a dry day for the celebrations and parades!
The wearing of the green!
This was taken at last years celebrations but it will look the same more or less this year,a food market set up in the city centre with music going on all day and lots of crafts and goodies to buy!
My shamrock jewellery for the day with toning top!
Today I am linking to for her annual Paddys Day Party!


  1. Hello Kathleen!
    Thanks for coming to the party! Hope you have a grand day tomorrow, wear that beautiful jewelry!
    Happy St. Patrick;s Day from Long "Ireland" New York!

  2. Kathleen,thanks for the good wishes,hope you will celebrate in style too and have a great one!

  3. Pretty necklace, have fun at the parade:@)

  4. Love the shamrock necklace! I hope your St. Patrick's Day will be wonderful.

  5. Love the shamrock piece!All in the best possible taste!

  6. What a gorgeous pendant. Have fun celebrating!

  7. Hi Kathleen, I was a bit of a bah-humbug with Paddy's day as I didn't go to any of the parades - the local ones are the same every year, tractors and tanks and lorries advertising quarries and very little imagination, bar one or two floats. I didn't go to Cork as son and d-i-l are awaiting baby any day now and pretty immobile. So I garden-tidied with hubby and had a BBQ - cooked out and ate indoors as it got chilly in the evening. Your pix of the blossoms lovely - daffs too. Love your costume jewellery!


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