Sunday, March 20, 2011

Today I had the pleasure of visiting a well known "open garden" ,a treasure in east Cork! The owners previously ran a very successful garden centre then sold up and bought this jewel on a few acres and set out to create a beautiful garden on their land! The rear of the lovely property includes two ponds with goldfish and planting,an arbour and a well maintained lawn,pathways and a little retreat house!
The front of the house includes a long manicured lawn,a pond,a grass area as in tampas grasses and very well maintained.
The owner is well known as an expert on hellebores and snowdrops which can be seen to be beleived! The snowdrops were going over but the hellebores were in great supply!
Snowdrops in the green were in plentifull supply at the sales table though!

Magnolia Stellata
Grass bed,pampas and others I cannot identify!

Most of the snowdrops were gone over these few were left!

Magnolia Stellata

Crimson clematis.

An unusual coloured hellebore,nearly black!

View from near house to roadway.


  1. That's a garden to inspire one.
    Although I have several different hellebores, ncluding the double picotee, I've never seen a nearly black one--quite amazing!

  2. Hi Elizabeth,you are very well up on your hellebores!I thought there was a double whatsit in the mix there today all right but would not have been able to name the variety! The garden is truly inspirational!
    If you click on the photos you get the real picture!

  3. Fab garden so early in the year too!Trying to figure out whose it is?

  4. Peggy,Neil and Sonia Williams who formerly ran Carewswood Garden Centre in Ladysbridge.They are here now about 15 yrs and the garden is well worth a visit though better I think during the summer months!If you want snowdrops in the green or hellebores early in the season this is the place to come!I had to be rescued by a kind gent when the car got stuck in the mud in the parking field!

  5. Beautiful garden for an afternoon stroll. Bushes are laden with Camellia blossom here but I have never been tempted as I do not like the bare branches later.


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