Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Spring Specials!

My camera is back in action after a long hiatus so today dawned nice and spring like and here is a selection of my spring plants in flower.Still have not got around to a major clean up mostly because I have had a cold for what seems like a month now though feeling much better! A wise weather man who is good at predicting future weather for Ireland has this morning said that we may have a White St.Patricks Day!Lets hope he gets this one wrong,he says spring has arrived too early and we about to be thrown back into a period of bad winter weather!He has forecast the last two white Christmases and forced the bookmakers to pay out more than 80,000 euros to the punters who bet on same!
Spot the fake! Recently purchased these in my local garden centre Hanleys who do a great line in artificial flowers,these are hellebores,two bunches,they cheer up the hall table!
Buds forming on Sambuca black lace
One of a few buds forming on my white camellia,this is a first for years!
My camellia in bud,usually I do not have great luck with this plant,it buds and then they fall off before flowering or no buds at all,I fed and watered this one back in late summer although I notice some leaves covered in a black sooty type powdery substance this morning! More problems ahead methinks!
A lupin I planted last year in flower coming back ,success!
Cherry blossom (Prunus?) showing some lovely plump buds! Purchased in Lidl for 7.99!
Wallflowers starting to colour up an old favourite!
Day lillies
Snowdrops,that ugly fence in the background will be removed by the end of the month and replaced with new pannelling and cement base like the rest of the garden,the final piece of the jigsaw!
Grape Hyancinths

All facing forward!
Beautiful Hellebores at their best now.
Tete a Tete standing straight!
This primrose just appeared as is ,no leaves just flowers.
Narcissi and snowdrop together!


  1. You have a riot of colour going on there!I did'nt know your camera was out of action I htought that was a new camera?!

  2. Peggy, It is new enough and it was a battery compartment problem its working away now again though!

  3. so pretty. makes me wish I had some land for planting things, but I would probably kill them all

  4. Lovely photos. Wish I were better at gardening.

  5. You do have some fabulous spring colour in your garden. Daffodils and Hyacinths are things I don't get to see here, so it's a joy to pop by and see these lovely shots. Loved the Primroses and Hellebore as well ... just so pretty.

    Well St Pattie's Day is not far off ... let's see if it turns out to be a white one!!! Hopefully all the green outfits and green ale will ward off the snowflakes. Over here we even have green lamingtons and green pavlova!


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