Friday, March 18, 2011


In the lovely sunshine today my neighbourhood is looking great with all these stunning trees in full blossom,I am no expert but just call these flowering cherries or a prunus of some sort,whichever they are looking their best at the moment!
My own little treasure!

This is a beautiful white blossomed tree!
Another view of the same tree!

Beautiful drifts of daffodils are everywhere to be seen at the moment!


  1. Spring is so beautiful! the prunus trees here are stunning too, drifts of pink and white.

  2. I thought they were cherry blossom?!
    I have noticed them in bloom everywhere and was wondering if they are flowering early.
    The daffs are fantastic everywhere too as we have had no wind and rain which usually flattens them after a few days.

  3. Peggy, I think they are the same family,prunus trees,I was in OConnors garden centre near Blarney today(it was a restuarant before Phelans)and there was one there so I asked and was told Prunus magoa he pronounced it though I probably have it spelt wrong,the cherry blossom comes in April/May like the ones on Pearse RD.
    Elizabeth,drifts of pink and white is a great description of them!

  4. oh, I love those trees! They remind me so much of Virginia, when March/April/May about half of the trees are flowering. Here they are just blah.


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