Thursday, March 24, 2011


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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The little things!

I am the proud owner of two pure white flowers on this camellia,first time flowering in a long time!Plenty of shiny green leaves very little flowers!My pink variety has around 8/9 flowers at the moment and little greenery,it really needs a good feed of something!
White hellebore,daffodils and a primrose I dug up from my late Mothers homeplace in Tipperary!
We can see right through our next door neighbours garden at the moment and across the street too,while we wait for the third part of the garden fence to arrive next week.In the meantime the remaining hedge has been removed which involved a lot of work for the hubby!
Cannot stop admiring my little tree!In the sunshine it is fantastic,heavily laden now with blossoms!
Discovery of the day today! A freind gave me a plant of Lily of the Valley last year and I had been watching to see would it come back to me this year and on close inspection today I spied this!Happy Days!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Today I had the pleasure of visiting a well known "open garden" ,a treasure in east Cork! The owners previously ran a very successful garden centre then sold up and bought this jewel on a few acres and set out to create a beautiful garden on their land! The rear of the lovely property includes two ponds with goldfish and planting,an arbour and a well maintained lawn,pathways and a little retreat house!
The front of the house includes a long manicured lawn,a pond,a grass area as in tampas grasses and very well maintained.
The owner is well known as an expert on hellebores and snowdrops which can be seen to be beleived! The snowdrops were going over but the hellebores were in great supply!
Snowdrops in the green were in plentifull supply at the sales table though!

Magnolia Stellata
Grass bed,pampas and others I cannot identify!

Most of the snowdrops were gone over these few were left!

Magnolia Stellata

Crimson clematis.

An unusual coloured hellebore,nearly black!

View from near house to roadway.

Friday, March 18, 2011


In the lovely sunshine today my neighbourhood is looking great with all these stunning trees in full blossom,I am no expert but just call these flowering cherries or a prunus of some sort,whichever they are looking their best at the moment!
My own little treasure!

This is a beautiful white blossomed tree!
Another view of the same tree!

Beautiful drifts of daffodils are everywhere to be seen at the moment!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

St.Patricks Day

Today I am linking up with for her annual Paddys Day Party!Celebrations do not start here until tomorrow with the Parade through the city centre and believe it or not but turkey is on the menu in this house for the day!No bacon and cabbage to be found here,sorry to dissapoint!Most people are looking forward to a long weekend having had the foresight to book Friday off work and enjoy 4 days of leisure before Monday rolls around again. Weather is sunny and bright but nightfrosts still,so heres hoping for a dry day for the celebrations and parades!
The wearing of the green!
This was taken at last years celebrations but it will look the same more or less this year,a food market set up in the city centre with music going on all day and lots of crafts and goodies to buy!
My shamrock jewellery for the day with toning top!
Today I am linking to for her annual Paddys Day Party!