Sunday, January 31, 2010

Be Careful What You Say...................!

Hows this for a headline to grab your attention on a Sunday morning! While reading the Sunday Times over coffee this morning this story had me rooted for a few minutes.It seems a blogger overstepped the mark by relating a story on his blog about a young couple involved in the purchase of James Joyce papers.It is the first time according to the report that a blog has resulted in a pay out, so dont say I didnt warn you! The paper goes on to say"The blog is in the form of a personal diary with observations on the arts,literature and sport.The author is not identified and the litigants may have got his details through his internet service provider (ISP)." This blogger has paid out a large sum of money so far for his mistakes so we all better make sure we are not doing anything that may have us in the same court so to speak! I think I will stick to blogging about inanimate subjects, much safer!


  1. Crikey!! We will have to be carful because once it is done once someone will be trawling blogs looking for an easy payout!Ireland had to be the first of course!

  2. One certainly does need to be careful and aware when blogging as one never knows who will be reading it.


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