Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Garden Visit (3)

Okay these two guys live in my garden, the taller one was christened Jimmy by a nephew when he was first bought by my late Mother or Father and planted in their garden so now they are in mine and looking quite happy if I say so myself! Below are more photos of a garden visit I took a while back.The house is only 10 minutes drive from my house but it could be in another world ! The house is set back from a very busy road and is magnificent! These garden visits serve a dual purpose in letting us see how the other half lives as well as garden.....with help methinks!!!!

Chatter chatter everywhere!

What a burst of purple!

Pathway to the rear garden

Can you see the duck?

Blazing colour everywhere!

Would you like to live here? Is it not beautiful in size and shape and this is the back of the house!


Lovely Wisteria,growing all over the place!

Clematis, maybe the President?

Climbing roses

Time to wonder what its like to live here!

Click to enlarge picture and see the ducks!!!

Looking from the pond out towards the rear of the garden

Pond with live ducks!!!

Magnificent colour!

Who would not like to live here? This is the front of the house with the garden pavilion to the right of picture .

Heading towards the entrance gates.


  1. Good Morning (I guess it's morning in my part of the world and afternoon in your's)...
    Thanks for always stopping by my blog and leaving such sweet comments.
    I really like the two little guys watching over your garden and the pictures of the garden down the road are simply beautiful...that is quite a house!

  2. Hi Kathleen - lovely photos! where is this garden or is it top secret?? The house looks like it's big enough to be a publicly opened one. Great landscaping in the garden - I will take some pix in Lismore Castle Gardens this summer if I go to the gallery. (don't know yet what their exhibition is or whether Sotheby's will have their Irish sales preview like last year).
    You lucky thing getting a Kindle for Christmas - tell me, is it easy to get books in Ireland? do you just download them from like normal? I don't think it's on sale in Ireland yet. Sony reader is here alright in Eason's but I will hold out for the Kindle if I get one.
    Good luck - Catherine.

  3. What a beautiful garden that is, you could spend hours there I'm sure.

  4. Thanks Jane,Catherine and Elizabeth for your kind comments!
    Catherine, the house is on the Rochestown Rd. in the suburb of Douglas and is owned by a well known dentist.I do not think he would have it open on a full time basis just for charity now and again as far as I know. The kindle is great,you just "shop" in the kindle store at amazon and if the title you need is available you buy and its uploaded to your kindle within a few minutes, no queing in shops etc.!My daughter bought the kindle from amazon for christmas for me and so far I have read two books,I would have done more but for this blogging thing!You can set the text to speech if you want a robotic voice to read to you too and newspapers/magazines are available also.

  5. I was wondering where the house was, should have known it was on the R.Rd!Thay must have an army of 'helpers'!


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