Sunday, January 10, 2010

Snowy Post!

Front garden
Backgarden in snow!

Neighbourhood in snow!


  1. The pictures of the outside of our neighborhoods are very similar. We have a lot of snow on the ground and it has been bitter cold. Luckily they are forecasting warmer temperatures for the week.
    I love the picture of your daughter making a snowman.
    Stay warm.

  2. Snow, snow everywhere. I have had enough now and cannot wait for it to be gone.

    Your picture of a summer pool not quite imaginable right now.

  3. Hi Jane,Imagine our neighbourhoods looking similar, you in Missouri and i here in Ireland!Maybe we are not so different after all!
    Thank goodness there is a thaw today and rain and wind is next in the forecast! Once i can get out and travel i do not mind!

  4. Barbara, i feel exactly like you, i used love to see snow because it was a rarity here in our area, never lasting long enough to make a decent snowman, but now i just want it gone and to see green gardens and fields again and be able to walk and drive where and when i like, so bring on the spring weather!

  5. Hi Kathleen - love your snowy photos - we have a forlorn carrot on the patio - remnants of our snowman too! Wasn't it something else? I have most of the weather photos on Facebook but not sure if you're on it - Peggy is a friend alright. Anyway I love the Cork - deserted - pix! and the sunny summer garden ones, you have some great ones.
    At least the roads are safe now once you know where the potholes are - they are dreadful on the side roads and the N72 outside Dungarvan is bad too.
    All the best, Catherine.


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