Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Garden Open Days

During early summer in May usually, there are an amount of gardens open to the public around the city and county in aid of various charities. I have been to quite a few in the past few years but did not always have my camera with me. This is a garden i visited a while back in 2005 and while i cannot remember now the exact location of it at least you can come on the tour and admire the colours and the variety of plants,shrubs and flowers.The beauty of these garden visits is that there is usually a chance to talk to the owner of same and ask questions of a horticultural nature,maybe a sales table with nice cuttings and plants, and of course coffee/tea and light snacks are also a feature. If you are lucky the sun is shining and after the tour a nice shady seat can be sourced from which to admire and plan for all those improvements to make to your own garden!

A seat with a view!

Hows this for a manicured lawn!

Lily of the Valley

Contrasting colours

Lovely Rhodedendron!

Comparing notes!

Gravel garden

Colour everywhere!

Stunning Hosta!

Plenty of interesting plants and shrubs

A fountain of water creating a ripple on the pond

Groups of people conversing in various parts of the garden

Beautifully manicured lawn with lush greenery and shrubs


  1. What a beautiful garden. We have been having nothing but cloudy, gloomy days here and your pictures were a great reminder that spring will someday arrive!!

  2. The garden is breathtaking! We are in the middle of terrible thunder storms here, it is lovely to see the beautiful blooms.

    I wanted to thank you for praying over me and visiting me at my blog. Still waiting for news, but the fear has lifted.

  3. I could almost smell the lily of the valley!

  4. How beautiful! Now are these pictures of people's yards or public gardens? Visiting gardens is something my husband and I really enjoy. I've posted pictures of garden tours also.


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