Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Brown Bread Baking with Aldi !

My sister recently recommended this bread mix on a post on her blog organicgrowingpains.blogspot.com. I decided to try it tonight and must say it does what it says on the bag! For the princely sum of 1.49 euros you get 3 loaves of bread. The only additions being a dessertspoon of sunflower oil and 800mls of light milk.The product is endorsed by none other than well known cook Jenny Bristow! I will have to freeze two while one gets demolished!

The end result 3 lovely loaves of brown bread! The white on top is just a sprinkling of white flour I put on before baking as I had used up all the brown bread mix.

Tea,raspberry jam and the home-made brown bread,delicious!Maybe the month on the mug should read February!


  1. The bread is delicious for the price, I was smiling when I saw the legend on the Mug!You should have been having the home made black currant jam.

  2. As a footnote they never made it to the freezer!
    Two got eaten no problem and the third was taken to Kinsale to eat with friends of Johns who said it was great!

  3. Kathleen, thanks for visiting me today. My mouth is watering looking at your delicious homemade bread. I'm excited to find your Irish blog. I'm just going to have a look around.

  4. Thanks Stacey for your kind comment,welcome!

  5. I love this bread - must get it, I am in Cork right now with son and his partner and their new baby Sofia and Aldi is up the road near the CSO in Mahon/blackrock. So I will go there Sat. and get this. I blogged about the LIdl equivalent bread mix but Lidl's is yeasty . this looks like soda bread. Is it? By the way where was that market in your next post? In Western Cork city? Looks great. Is there a Saturday market?


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